21 Clever Food Storage Tricks

The world is truly becoming more frightening. With the so many terrible things that are going on in the world today – from plagues to endless natural disasters – more and more people are now preparing for disaster situations in advance. One of the most important things when it comes to emergency preparedness is building your food storage with these food storage tricks. In times of calamities, food is crucial for safety and survival.

However, the biggest problem in stocking up for hard times is that it can take a lot of space. Many of us live in small apartments that are not designed for storing months’ or years’ worth of food. But fret not. With a little creativity, you can effectively find an extra space in your home to build your emergency food supply.

Here are 21 alternative food storage tricks for you:

1.     Under the Bed

Beds are one of the perfect places to store your emergency food supplies. You can simply line the reachable space under your bed with boxes of food or build your own drawer under your bed to store food supplies.

2.     Household Containers

At home, there are a lot of household food containers and packaging items that can be reused to become storage containers. Just try to find containers with tight-fitting lids to avoid food spoilage or contamination.

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3.     The Closet

Sure, you may not have the biggest closet in the neighborhood, but with little organization, you can use that small space in your room as perfect food storage for emergencies. If you have several clothes, though, use the closet shelf above the hanging clothes or false bottom space.

4.     Behind the Clothes in your Closet

Some closets have shelves that are designed deeper than necessary for hanging clothes. If you have a closet like this, you can take advantage of that extra space at the back by putting a narrow shelf to hold some emergency food supplies.

5.     Behind Furniture

If your furniture are pushed up against a wall, consider pulling them out a little bit and use the space created behind them as food storage.

6.     Back of the Door

Another great alternative for storing emergency food is by using the space behind your doors. You can purchase inexpensive over-the-door organizers to create instant food storage.

7.     Under the Stairs

In many homes, that awkward space under the stairs goes to waste. But if you’re looking for extra space to store items for emergencies, you can take advantage of that often-neglected space. Put some simple shelving, and then fill that with canned goods and other small items.

food storage tricks


8.     The Attic

Although not seem like a good place to store food because of extreme temperature and moisture, storing food in attic is still worth considering if you only have limited space available at home. Of course, it is wiser to reserve that area for non-food items and keep your food supplies in better spots.

9.     Above the Closets

Just like the space under the stairs, the area above the closets or cabinets is one of the most underutilized. So if you find it hard to get some extra space for food storage, this is a good alternative option.

10.  Under the Furniture

Another perfect way to store food is by creating false bottom in your bedroom closet, kitchen cupboard, or other furniture at home. While most furniture only have shallow storage area beneath them, that extra space is still considered useful for storing food items.

11.  Under the False Floor

Construct an area under the flooring of your home; that’s a great spot for food storage.

12.  The Laundry Room

Do you have a laundry room, utility room, basement, or other rooms that are not frequently used? Chances are there is some space in these areas that can be used for food storage. You can build some shelves, hang some hooks, or put drawers to hold supplies.

13.  Above the Cupboards

Just like the space above your bedroom closet, you can also utilize the area on top of your cupboard for food storage. The best foods to store above the cupboards are items that are light, such as herbs, spices, soup mixes, and pasta.

14.  Above the Fridge

Another food storage tricks is the space above your refrigerator. Just like the space above your cupboard and closet, this space is often neglected. So put them into good use by storing your foods there. The nice thing about areas like this is they are up high; thus, keeping your children from accessing and using your supplies.

15.  Empty Bags

Unless you travel a lot, empty bags can make a great additional storage for non-perishable items. So if you have empty bags, suitcases, or any the same storage items, put them into use by filling them with your emergency supplies.

16.  The Garage

If you can no longer find extra space inside your home, consider using some unused space in your garage. This is a great place food storage trick, such as unused kitchen appliances and off-season clothes, so you can free up space inside your home for more food.

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17.  Shelves Under the Sink

As long as you keep your food containers properly sealed, it is perfectly fine to use the shelves under your sink as food storage.

18.  Decorative Baskets

Instead of using them plainly for aesthetic purposes, why not use your decorative containers, such as basket, jars, and vases as alternative food containers?

19.  Under the Desk

Not only do desks and tables provide space for eating, but they also give ample amount of space for food storage. You can use the space under your desks and dining table as a convenient space for storing your food supplies.

20.  The Closet Doors

Be creative and try to put hanging organizers on the doors of your closet and store some food in there. Although they make the doors difficult to swing open and close, they are a great alternative for food storage.

21.  Behind the Books on your Bookshelf

If you have a large collection of books, organize your bookshelf in a way that it can provide enough space to store some food items, such as pulling the books out toward the edge of the shelf so they can create space behind.

There you have it – the top 21 clever food storage tricks to maximize your home space for food storage. Of course, the places where you can put your supplies for “just in case” time of need are not limited on this list. With a little creativity and imagination, you can find more space to store lots of foods at home.


What food storage tricks did we missed? Please leave them in the comments section below

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