Keep These 5 Things In Your Car At All Times

If you are anything like me you spend a lot of time in your car. Whether it’s running errands across town or commuting to and from work those miles and hours add up quickly.

According to the average American spends roughly 600 hrs a year in their car. That is nearly 15% of your entire year! This only further proves how important it is to keep emergency items in your car as there is a good chance you will be in or near it when something comes up.

1. Basic Road Breakdown Kit This can be extensive or minimal either way it is a necessary starting point. Take note of your car’s tendencies and keep it road worthy. Does it burn oil? Is a tire not holding air? Does it occasionally have trouble starting? Plan accordingly. If you haven’t already practice replacing a flat tire at home. That way when you do get a flat you won’t feel anxious and you will already know what to do. Also include in your kit extra gasoline, gloves, wool blankets, run flat foam, jumper cables, water, tow straps, simple tools and a day or twos worth of food with fire starting materials.

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2. First Aid Kit There should already be one at your home and office. Why not one in your vehicle as well? Various sized wraps, gauze, and tape all the way down to band aids and hydrogen peroxide. If you take prescriptions keep extra in your vehicle and make sure they are in the correct RX bottles (with your name on them) so that you don’t encounter any issues with Johnny Law.

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3. Knife / Flashlight Combo – With a good knife/flashlight combo you can take over the world. Well not really, but you can still be the Purveyor of Illumination! Go with a knife you know and trust and be sure it is kept sharp and ready to go. Bring along extra batteries for the flashlight because lord knows it won’t work after you left it on in your trunk for 3 months.

4. Change of Clothes and Comfortable Shoes – It would really suck to break down in the middle of nowhere with only flip flops. You may need to walk a number of miles before you encounter help so comfortable shoes are a must. Everyday little accidents happen as well and being able to quick change if you get wet or dirty will make having these items in your car completely worth it.

Car Emergency Kit5. Gun or Other Self Defense Tool – Whatever you choose be sure it is legal for you to have it in your vehicle. Getting lost at night or in a bad neighborhood won’t be as frightening when you have proper means to defend yourself. Be sure it is kept out of sight and properly secured at all times especially if there may be children riding along.

By having these items in your car you will be ready for a multitude of scenarios. It seems like it needn’t be said but if you don’t have a GPS of some kind get one and back it up with a compass and map.

Always be aware of your surroundings and spend that time driving to think of other ways to stay prepared!

Skip Tanner

Have you ever been in a situation when you needed a basic car emergency kit? Did you have one? What did you do?

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Expert Prepper

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