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Dear JV & Affiliate Partners,

My name is Dave and I’m really excited you’ve stopped by this page today.

You see my good friend Skip Tanner and I have a new survival eBook called the Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide. This is Skip’s first book and it really is a no-nonsense; powerhouse guide to survival that leaves no stone unturned… and leaves nothing to chance.

But please don’t take my word for it… Skip is the man with the experience here and his strengths are in prepping, survival and being all around… well… prepping badass.
Here’s a little background on how Skip became a prepping badass…

Now Lets Get Down To Some Business.

Today, I want you to help get the word out about Skip, his eye opening video that reveals 5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid Before The Next Crisis and of course his new book the Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide.

In Just a moment I will get you your access to the quick start page, but first …

What’s in it for you?

We are offering you 75% commission on every order of the Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide, and excellent commissions on our pitch upsell path.

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The Scenario

To many offers out there leave affiliates guessing and fending for themselves… guessing as to what converts, what works for different sources of traffic and just how to promote the offers successfully to the niche.

For starters, we are not like the others. We believe and know that affiliates provide the best source of traffic our there. Not only that, but we know that affiliates are also some of the hardest working people in online marketing.

That’s why we are here to support each and every one of you. We will provide unique, cool and interesting Prepper copy. We will even be running some random contest where each sale can qualify you for AWESOME prizes and even cold hard cash.

Plus, if you need any assistance along the way we are here to help.
The Results

Happy, happy, happy visitors and subscribers… thanking you for providing them with valuable life saving – and life changing – offers and content.


Because we believe the best way to sell products is to give real value to your list. We deliver so much great content and value to our prospects that they feel COMPELLED TO BUY something out of appreciation for all of the life saving information they have received.

Your list won’t believe that you are promoting someone – Our Video Sales Letter is not only highly optimized for our content pieces, soft leads, banners and promos. It is also very informative for the viewer. In fact we give such a life-changing piece of information away in the video that some of our customers think that VSL should be part of the purchase. Same goes for our long form landing page and our our article landers.

And there’s more… much more… really… ah yeah.

All of this comes with a few extra perks.

You will be delivering incredible content to your list in a way that informs and cultivates a stronger relationship between you and your list.

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Now, we’re here to line YOUR pockets with the fruits of our prepping, heck that’s the way it should be, all we need you to do is sign up and start sending quality content to your list and site visitors.

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