Even More on Breeding (and Butchering) Rabbits

In a previous post we shared some basics for those of you who are considering raising rabbits as a source of food in case of disaster or collapse. Well, a bunch of our loyal readers sent more information over on the subject and we wanted to pass that knowledge on to you.

my-californian-rabbits copy

The people over at Raising-Rabbits.com posted this great piece about tips for assisting in the mating process between your rabbits. Some of the tips included:

  • Where is the best place for the rabbits to mate? His cage or hers?
  • What to look for before and after mating?
  • Will the doe (female) rabbit show signs of successful mating?
  • Reasons why your rabbits aren’t “in the mood”?
  • And Much more

2012-09-06-rabbit-butchering-012-copy1Read the entire article here >>> http://www.raising-rabbits.com/rabbit-mating.html

Also, another helpful reader sent us over a link to a very detailed PDF Guide on the entire butchering process for rabbits. It outlines the slaughter, skinning, cleaning and butchering all with clear, full color images. (Maybe not be safe for little eyes) UPDATE: the creator of this guide contacted me earlier, letting me know that we could find more of his stuff over at edthatmatters.com

You can view the entire PDF guide here >>>


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