Budget Weapons for SHTF ( 3 guns under $150!!! )

I came across this great video from my friend where he shows a couple of great firearm buys he’s picked up at some dirt cheap prices. With in the past few months, SouthernPrepper1 has purchased 3 different firearms each for under $150! (2 Pistols and 1 long gun).

He also explains how buying cheaper weapons for SHTF/WROL (Sh*t hit the fan / Without Rule of Law) gives you the ability to purchase more ammunition for those pistols and rifles.

Watch for yourself:

So what do YOU think? Do you think a budget weapon with more ammo is the better choice? Can you think of a quality weapon that you would prefer during a SHTF/WROL event? What do you think about SouthernPrepper1’s choice of ammo caliber?

I want to hear from YOU! Leave your comment below and let us know what you think.



Expert Prepper

Expert Prepper

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