15 Things You Can Build Out Of Old Wood Pallets

Today we discuss 15 Wood Pallet Projects you can do this weekend.

Disasters and calamities strike anytime. They come like a thief in the night, especially when they are least expected. Thus, it is important for a family to be prepared for any disaster or calamity that may come. There are several skills necessary for disaster survival, and one of these is resourcefulness. Resourcefulness entails a lot of practice until the faculty is mastered. By simply making things out of materials and wastes found at home, and developing an eye for value of diverse bits and pieces, the skill of resourcefulness is cultured.

One of the scrap, yet ingenious materials is wood pallets. These scraps are found all over neighborhoods and are at times thrown away. However, in the event of disasters these remains can be turned into something useful and valuable. Some of the important structures that can be made out of these wood pallets include the following wood pallet projects:

15 Wood Pallet Projects

  1. Cabin. One of the very important structures necessary during a disaster is a cabin. This house built from logs provides safety and warmth, especially during the cold night. Scrap wood pallets can be put together to build a cabin that can temporarily shelter a family.
  1. Cutting Board. Though this item may not be extremely essential during a disaster, it is still something that one can make use of. A cutting board provides a space for chopping or cutting food into tinier bits or pieces.
  1. Old wood pallets can be placed together to build a table where people can lay their meals and eat. A high table also come in handy in the event of flood; hence, sparing food from getting wet.
  1. Bed. Disaster victims are physically and psychologically wasted. Thus, they will need a place where they can rest. Putting old wood pallets together can build a bed where victims can respite and sleep to regain energy.
    wood pallet projects - bed
  1. Chairs and Benches. With the use of several wooden pallets, an individual can build chairs or benches.
  1. Firewood. Firewood is important to keep people warm, especially during cold night. An individual can simply put up wood pallets together and burn them up to create firewood.
  1. Shoe Rack. A shoe rack may not be a priority during a disaster. However, it can be used to organize footwear in the cabin built. This way, things would not clutter around. In addition, building a shoe rack would be easier for the occupants to find their footwear.
  2. Fence. Wood pallets can be used to build fences around the cabin. These fences are important in deterring pests and wild animals that get near the cabin and cause harm to the occupants or their belongings.
  1. Storage or Cabinets. Wood pallets can be used in building a temporary storage or cabinets for items such as clothing and other important belongings.
  1. Crates. A pile of wood pallets can be made into crates. These crates can serve as valuable storage for foods, clothes, and other important stuffs.
  1. Shelves. This is another structure that can be built out of wood pallets. A shelf can be used as an alternative for storage or cabinets. Shelves are used to stock food, clothing, footwear and survival items.
  1. Compost Bins. By stacking wood pallets, survivors can build compost bins, or structures used to protect firewood from strong winds and breeze.
  1. Carts. A cart is another important structure that can be erected out of wood pallets. In the event of a disaster, a cart is useful in transporting things and foods from one place to another.
  1. Pot Rack. Piling wood pallets can create a pot rack. As what the name implies, a pot rack keeps cooking utensils organized and accessible.
  1. Privacy Screen. In the advent of a disaster, privacy is a very important consideration, especially for women. A privacy screen may be built in order to cover up an individual who is changing clothes or taking a bath.

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Wood Pallet Projects: Conclusion

There are a lot of survival projects that can be built out of scrap wood pallet . Those wood pallets for example, that are thought to be useless, are in fact very useful. They can be turned into different structures that do not only come in handy during disaster, but also valuable even in daily living.

What have you built from your old wood pallets? What are your favorite Wood Pallet Projects?

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