5 Tips That Will Keep You Alive

Imagine it’s the middle of the night and you are walking home from a friend’s house.

A shadowy figure appears from seemingly nowhere and begins following close behind you.

In what seems like an instant you are placed in a potentially dangerous situation.

Should the person attack you have no means to defend yourself and you have a bad feeling this person intends to do you harm. With only seconds to decide your next move will you know what to do?

Engaging in hand to hand combat or “fist fighting” should always be considered a last resort. The following tips and techniques are in no way shape or form intended to be used for anything other than self-defense in a worst case scenario type situation.

1. Be Smart – Always be aware of your surroundings. The best way to get out of a bad situation is to not present yourself as a target in the first place. Don’t walk alone at night in an unfamiliar or dimly light area (Duh!). Listening to music through headphones with your head down staring at the sidewalk makes you a prime target for a mugging. Take note of others body language and assess their intentions before you are already within arm’s reach because by then it may already be too late.

2. Manage Your Space – What I mean by this is keep as much distance as possible between yourself and the would be attacker. If you are in good shape by all means run away at the first opportunity. If they are already too close and confronting you for your belongings throw your stuff on the ground. As soon as they go down to pick it up take off running in what you deem to be the safest direction. No personal items or amount of money is worth risking your life over. If you have already given them everything you can and they still want more it may be time to defend yourself.

5 tips that will keep you alive3. Save Your Punches – Try to utilize other parts of your body to inflict damage before you go straight to the punch. Elbows, knees, kicks, and palm strikes can be just as if not more effective than a closed fist punch. Throwing a hard and accurate punch is harder than you might think and you will likely end up breaking the fragile bones in your hand quickly taking you out of the fight.

4. Placement is Crucial – Make your strikes count and throw them in combinations. A hit to the nose or eyes results in immediate tearing up and distortion of vision which will give you time to escape. Strikes to the mouth, teeth or jaw result in severe discomfort and if delivered hard enough a knock out. A hard chop or punch to the throat is unexpected and will leave an assailant gasping for air. Be careful not to connect with other much denser portions of the skull or you will likely be the one feeling the pain.

5. Strike Hard, Fast and with Intent – Now is not the time to go easy on someone. You may be the one throwing the first blow and it is important you make it count. Moving with speed, aggressiveness and intent may be enough to put your attacker on their heels affording you time to make a getaway.

Take time to educate yourself on different fighting techniques and see which ones fit best with your abilities, size and strength. Practice counters and reverses because sometimes the best time to make your move is when your opponent is off balance or unprotected. Do whatever you can to avoid being on the ground (unless you are a trained wrestler) as you will be at the mercy of the attacker.

Keep your eyes open, head up, and stay out of trouble!

Skip Tanner

Do you have any other survival tips for this situation that you would like to share?

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Expert Prepper

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