8 Guns Every Prepper Should Own

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Preppers spend countless hours and sometimes thousands of dollars to prepare themselves and their families for a disastrous situation. They collect food, water, medical supplies, clothing and more to give them the upper hand if the world makes a turn for the worse. But in that scenario, all that time and effort could go to waste if you haven’t planned for defense. One crucial part of your defense system should be firearms.
This great video from Youtube user parlusk1791 describes 8 great firearms every prepper should own. Now keep in mind, not all of these items are listed for defense purposes. Some are for hunting, some training – BUT, in an emergency, any firearm can be used as a defensive weapon and will be superior to having no firearm at all. So take a minute to watch and leave your comments below. We’d love to hear what you think. Would you add or subtract any items from this list? Leave your comments below.
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Expert Prepper

Expert Prepper

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