Bartering: What’s Your Survival Job?

What’s your New World Survival Job?

When you think about your future and what it means should a major disaster strike and leave the world in a very different place, what do you see yourself doing? Your typical 9 to 5 job is not going to be there. The things you did on the weekends are not going to be quite the same. Earning money is going to be very different in the new world. Money will be nonexistent. It will be all about bartering. Your new world job isn’t going to pay you in cash. It is going to pay you with goods and services. You have to be able to trade your goods and services to get what you need.

So, what can you do that will be useful in a post-collapse world? You need to start thinking about turning your hobby today into a valuable skill that will serve as your job in the future. This can be a bit exciting for some. You will get to do something you enjoy every day and earn a living. Isn’t that what we all dream about from the time we realize we need to grow up and get jobs?

Here are some new world jobs you can have that will help you with your bartering.

1 – Knitting and sewing will be a very valuable and lucrative job. People will need new clothing, as will children. Learning how to make clothes without a pattern will ensure you have steady work. Knitting gloves, scarves and warm sweaters will be important when winter falls.

2 – Making hand tools out of wood and old metal will be very useful. People are going to need axes, knives and garden tools to take care of their own needs. Learning how to forge metal and whittle wood is an invaluable skill.

3 – Small engine repair will not be in high demand, but it will certainly be a useful skill. People will still have small engine powered tools and cars that will need repair from time to time. Small engine repair is something you can tinker with in today’s world and earn money on the side while training for your new world job.

maxresdefault4 – Leather working is something that was once very popular in the frontier days, but has lost favor with all the machines available in today’s world. When hunting is the norm and nothing can go to waste, using the hides for clothing that can be used for bartering or worn will be necessary. Knowing how to work the leather will be important.

5 – Gardening is something every prepper must get the hang of, but there are going to be some who are better at it than others. If you are a whiz with growing tomatoes, you have a secure future. It isn’t something everybody can do and you will have a nice little corner of the market.

6 – Soap and candle making is something that is fairly simple, but not everybody will know how to do it. You can master the art of making soap and adding little extras that the ladies will love. Luxuries like scented soap and candles will be in high demand.

7 – Construction is probably going to be one of the most important skills you can learn. Building homes, shelters and eventually buildings to house your goods for bartering will ensure you have a roof over your head as well as a marketable skill. Offering to build a chicken coop for a neighbor is one way to get lots of eggs and even chicken meat without raising your own.

img-home8 – Natural medicine will be the only medicine available. Spend some time getting familiar with natural remedies and learning what herbs and plants will work to treat an ailment. You can be a doctor in the new world without the hefty student loans!

Don’t wait until after the fall to try and learn and hone a skill. Part of your prepping should include learning at least one of these skills so you will always have something to barter with. Bartering will be the new tender and you don’t want to be left without the skills necessary to get what you need to survive.

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