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Bugging out by boat when SHTF

DSCN6746-LargeEvery prepper worth their salt will have a bug out plan with a secondary location in mind for when SHTF. This place could be a second home in the woods, an underground bunker or maybe you are going to take your chances and head out into the wilderness.

Guess what? You are not alone.

There are going to be a lot of other people with the same idea in mind. That once remote, private bug out location you scouted earlier is probably on other prepper’s radars as well. Because you can’t trust everybody, bugging out is meant to be done on the down low. You don’t want an entire neighborhood set up in the once-remote area. That attracts attention and puts a strain on resources.

What if you could do something that was truly unique and finding water and food wouldn’t be a problem? Have you considered skipping the investment in a cabin or bunker and purchasing a sailboat instead? The idea holds merit.

The following 5 reasons are why you should consider a sailboat as your bug out location instead of the typical bunker.

  1. You can get out of dodge without worrying about walking hundreds of miles or finding fuel for your escape vehicle. You can sail the river or the ocean and look for greener pastures—literally. You are not limited by how far you can walk or even if you are landlocked. You can sail out to a small island and set up a ground camp if you choose.
  2. Sailboats are self-contained. You won’t have to worry about toilets or showers. You will have a home with all of the perks including beds and a way to cook your meals—if you have enough fuel. Solar powered cookstoves and water heaters are always an option. Installing solar panels on a sailboat if fairly simple and inexpensive.
  3. The chances of running into people out on the water is slim. You won’t have to worry about somebody trying to take your supplies while you are sleeping. The safety factor is a compelling reason to get out on the open water and away from the masses of people who did not prepare to live through SHTF.
  4. There are plenty of resources. Fishing, docking in areas where you can hunt or collect nuts and berries is an option. Sea water can be made safe to drink with the help of a solar still or a filtering system. In most cases, you choose a bug out location based on it’s proximity to water and food sources. You can open up your possibilities when you opt to retreat to a sailboat.
  5. You can take your garden with you. Container gardening is an option, which means you will have a steady supply of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. If you head somewhere tropical, you can extend your growing season. If you are forced out of your cabin in the woods, you would be forced to leave your food supply behind. When you have it all in your bug out location, which doubles as your bug out vehicle, you never have to leave anything behind.


If you are inclined to make a sailboat your bug out location, you will want to make sure you can reach it should SHTF. Have an evacuation route planned. Get familiar with your boat and spend some time checking out the area where your boat is docked. You will want to get somewhere safe and away from the chaos quickly. GPS may not be an option should a major disaster happen

Load your boat with maps and get familiar with the waters of where you plan on heading. Of course there are some drawbacks, but when you consider all of the perks to bugging out to a boat, it negates the minor pitfalls of being mobile. Don’t forget the motion sickness medicines!

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What do you think about bugging out to sea when SHTF? Leave your comments below.

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