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Survival Journal

The Importance of Keeping a Survival Journal If you have been doing any prepping or survival training, you have probably realized there is a lot

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bugging out

SHTF – You’re All Alone

The Shit Has It The Fan… You’re All Alone… Now What? By Richard Bogath With great hopes I write this article, that you will never

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Family Prepping

Prepper Pooping

“When the world is laid waste—where are you gonna lay your waste?” Prepper Waste Management As preppers or wannabe-preppers, we are so overtly concerned with

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How to talk to your kids about Prepping in a Disaster

In the middle of the COVID19 epidemic, my teen came to me expressing a lot of anxiety about the current situation of the world. We had a good chat and I used the experience to give her a lesson on prepping, disaster, and self reliance. In the end she felt better and went back to doing the things that teens do.

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