Concealed Carry

It seems that every day the evening news brings us a new story about someone being either robbed at gun point or being shot by criminals who apparently have no regard for Human life and who are positively determined to take whatever they want no matter who they harm in the process.

Consequently, due to this seemingly endless rise in crime nationwide, many states have enacted concealed carry laws that allow law abiding citizens to legally carry concealed weapons.concealed-carry-map-little-smaller

The Law

Because a handgun is a deadly weapon and thus, shooting a person with one inevitably causes serious injury and/or death, there are both legal and moral ramifications to enacting concealed carry laws and thus, these same states have also created guidelines that outline the various situations in which their residents who have concealed carry permits may or may not use deadly force to defend themselves and/or others from criminal aggression.

Mentally Prepared


Also, carrying a concealed handgun does require a certain mind set because it is one thing to possess a legally issued concealed carry permit and to carry a handgun but quite another to be faced with the reality of actually having to use a deadly weapon to defend one’s self from criminals even if they seem intent on harming either you, a member of your family, or a coworker.

In fact, most anyone who is even vaguely aware of current events has undoubtedly heard of the George Zimmerman case and, regardless of whether or not you feel that he acted in accordance with the law or, even in accordance with the level of the perceived threat that he felt that he faced, because he was armed with a deadly weapon, he was forced to make a split second decision as to whether or not to use his handgun to defend himself when he was attacked.


To Carry A Gun or Not?

indexConsequently, simply carrying a concealed weapon because it makes you feel safe is not a valid reason for obtaining a concealed carry permit unless you are also willing to actually use said weapon to defend yourself in the event of criminal aggression. In addition, if you do find yourself in a situation which does require you to defend your life with deadly force, then you must also be mentally prepared to defend yourself legally and to deal with the consequences of your actions in a court of law. (Click Here to read: What To Know When You Point A Gun article)

Therefore, you must also be aware of what the law is concerning when, where, and how you are legally allowed to carry and use a concealed weapon in your state of residence because the laws differ from state to state.

Traveling With A Gun

In addition, if you decide to travel with your concealed weapon, it is important to know the laws of the state you will be traveling to as well as the laws of the states which you will be passing through on your way to your destination because such laws do vary from state to state even though many states do allow concealed carry in their state by people who are not residents of that state as long as they have a concealed carry permit issued to them by their state of residence.


concealed-carry-size2Therefore, due to the sharp rise in the number of criminals, terrorist, and mentally ill individuals who are willing to do bodily harm to other individuals, obtaining a concealed carry permit and then legally carrying a concealed handgun is a wise decision.

However, it is imperative that you carry your concealed handgun only for the purpose of self defense and that you not only learn and obey the laws in your state, but that you also learn to properly use your handgun (Click Here to read: Gun Safety article) so that you are only a menace to the individual who is threatening you and not to the individuals around you.

What Do You Think? Do you have a concealed carry permit? Let us know why you carry below…


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