Emergency Preparedness: 10 Reasons Why You Should Prep

10 Reasons Why You Should Prep  If You’re Not A Prepper…

Can you live for a week or more on what you have in your home right this very minute if you were unable to leave or didn’t have any money to buy what you needed? Many people assume prepping is only for those who live with the idea that some horrific disaster is looming and only the prepared survive. While this is true, it isn’t only about surviving some huge invasion or freak storm of nature. Emergency preparedness is about being prepared to live through some of the most common, normal events that happen every single day to people all around the world.

The following 10 reasons are some of those very normal and completely possible events that could have you relying on your emergency stores.

1. Loss of a job

The economy is still on shaky ground. Losing your job or your spouse losing their job could leave you in financial dire straits. It may take you several weeks or months to gain new employment. In the interim, you still need to be able to feed the family.

2. Snowstorms

Snowstorms are common in many areas. Some are worse than others and can leave you stuck at home for several days while crews attempt to clear roads. For areas that are not used to severe snowstorms, they get caught off-guard and road crews will struggle to make the roads passable.whitelibrary1

3. Illness

Illness is also always a possibility. It could be you or your spouse. Becoming ill with a dangerous virus or a serious disease will wreak havoc on your finances. You may be unable to work or be facing a lot of medical bills that will stretch the budget.

4. Power Outages

Power outages are always happening and a very good reason for emergency preparedness. You could be without power for days or weeks for any number of reasons. If you are in a rural area or on your own well, no power typically means no water from your own well.

5. Gas Shortage

Gas shortage could leave you in dire straits. You may not have the gas to get into town to buy what you need. Or, the cost of fuel may be so high you can only afford a single trip into town to get supplies. You would have to live off of what you had in your house until you could make your one trip.

6. Water Shortage

Water shortages are a very real possibility, especially with the number of droughts across the region. A water shortage could leave you struggling to have enough water for yourself and your pets. Keeping water on hand makes sense whether it is in large barrels or a few cases of bottled water.


7. Rising Food Costs

Rising food costs are another reason to start storing things today, when you can afford them. It is no secret the cost of living is increasing. Droughts, like the ones that many of our biggest crop-producing states are in, will result in higher food prices.

8. Virus Outbreak

A serious virus outbreak that reaches pandemic levels or threatens to reach that high, is one reason to stay home. We have seen things like the swine flu and the bird flu sweep across our nation. If another virus comes around, it is always a good idea to stay home until authorities get a handle on it.

9. Wildfires

Wildfires are common and with the dry state of many areas, they are extremely likely. In many cases, authorities will encourage residents to leave their homes, whether there is imminent danger or not. Some people would rather not leave if there is no real threat. Unfortunately, many of these voluntary evacuations are set up that once you leave, you cannot go back in. Having a supply of food, water and personal hygiene supplies will allow you to stay in your home for several days while firefighters do their job.


10. Riots

Riots in your neighborhood are a real concern. Rioting has become the answer to too many problems. Good people are forced to hole up in their home for fear of being involved in the riot or hurt by flying rocks and other debris.

Nobody wants to deal with an emergency or a disaster that upsets their lives, but these things are a fact of life. They do happen and they can be devastating and extremely stressful for those who do not have any type of emergency preparedness. Being ready makes sense. Even the government advises every person to have a minimum of 3-days supply on hand, just in case something goes awry.

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