What is your favorite gun?

Eventually all gun lovers will be asked if they could have only one gun, which would it be?

This proves to be a seriously difficult question to answer as each and every gun is suited to fulfill a particular role.

Just as you wouldn’t use a small bore pistol to hunt birds, it would be unsuitable to carry a 12 ga dally for self defense (albeit intimidating!)

There are many reasons why someone might favor one firearm over another, personal history looks, comfort level or historical significance to name a few. Practicality is the driving force in my determination of a favorite gun. How many different roles can the firearm fulfill well? How does the gun score in the categories that are most important for what it will be used for? Enter my favorite gun the Glock 23.

Twenty-Three standing for Austrian Engineer Gaston Glock’s 23rd patent, the G23 is the chosen sidearm of many police departments worldwide including the FBI, IRS (uh-oh) and US Marshals.

Chambered in 40s&w the G23 weighs in at a mere 23.65 oz (w/ unloaded magazine) and has a capacity of 13+l rds. The 4/l0ths of an inch caliber bullet travels at between 950-1300+ fls depending on the 135-2009r-bullet weight chosen and in the right hands can be effective out to 100 yards. Out of the box the Glock is accurate, sturdy, and reliable. G23’s can even easily be converted to 9mm or .357 sig with a simple barrel swap for more affordable plinking or target practice.

For me the mid-sized frame, lightweight and AK type ruggedness of the 23 are unmatched by its competitors. The ability to throw the gun in your waistband and go is a huge plus while still being capable of unloading a lot of lead accurately in semi auto fashion. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the safety is on/off and when you pull the trigger you can be confident it will go boom.

The three internal safeties ensure no accidental misfires while making the gun less complicated for the user to operate. Drop in a 9mm barrel + 33rd magazine and head to the range for some hi cap rapid-fire fun that won’t destroy your wallet or accessorize your new 23 with a slew of aftermarket add-ons.

Nothing complicated or delicate here just a straight forward pistol that points, shoots, and functions as good if not better than most.

At the end of the day everyone will be different but there is a reason there is a huge Glock following across the country whether it be civilian, military or law enforcement. In my mind the only way to learn which gun is best for you is research and hands on practice.

To truly know which firearm is the best fit for your intended application, do your homework and put some lead downrange before you buy!

Whats your favorite gun?

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