Where To Find Inexpensive Barter Items

Today, with so much trouble and turmoil in the world a catastrophic occurrence in your life is not only plausible but also highly likely.

That is why many people are taking to prepping, stockpiling goods and why the idea of getting ready for such a possibility is being taking more seriously than the past few generations. It is also important that you know where to find inexpensive barter items.

Being prepared in the face of adversity can be done in a variety a ways. When the world does collapse you want to be in a position that will increase your percentage of survival. And more importantly you want to be ready to live in that state of chaos for months and maybe years to come.

In-order to be prepared to live past the chaotic moment you need to have a form of post-collapse wealth. I’m not talking numbers in a bank account that has long been abandoned or worthless paper money.

I’m talking about the oldest form of currency called “bartering”. (Learn more about bartering here)

There are many places you can source your stockpile for valuable and tradable items from your next-door neighbor to online deals. You just have to be on the lookout for a good deal on the key items on your list of top bartering items.

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Where To Find Inexpensive Barter Items

  1. Where To Find Inexpensive Barter Items - Garage SaleFlea Markets and Garage Sales – Flea markets and garage sales will be a great place to not only find great barter items, but it will be a great place to practice your negotiation skills. Here you should keep an eye out for good books (survival and entertainment), hand tools, gardening tools, screws/nails, coats, hats, gloves and many others. Make it a point or an outing with your family.
  2. Craigslist and Local newspaper – Here you can find larger or more valuable items such as coins, silver and other items. You will also see free stuff and garage sales listed.
  3. Amazon Deals – Sometimes they will have huge savings on items like toilet paper, feminine products, batteries, sugar, candy, non-gmo seeds etc. You can even save by signing up for monthly shipments of these items as well. This will put your in a great position to build your stockpile on autopilot while spreading the cost out over longer periods of time.
  4. Dollar Store/Thrift Store – Great place for smaller goods like duct tape, games, and paper goods. You can also find great prices on extras like coats, hats and other clothing items.
  5. Bartering Now – Now is a good time to trade some of your valued goods for future valued goods. Trade out some technology for gold, silver or other barter items. Last winter I traded a spare tv for old hand tools. Seems like a bad deal, but for me I traded something that would be worthless in a post crisis world for something that I will be able to use or trade for things my family and I need later.
  6. FREE STUFF – There are plenty of free things to be found around you, you just have to look a little for it. In a neighborhood a few miles away they have a “village trash” day where everyone in the village throws out stuff they don’t want in the front yard. It is a mad house of pickers and preppers a like sifting through what some call junk. Here I have found tools, coats, hand crank radios, buckets, wire, rope, saw blades to furniture and working tvs. If you know a place near you that has these (usually early spring) make it a vacation destination.
  7. Store Sales – Every store will have sales. Be sure to check the paper often for these and sign up for their newsletters, they will inform you of upcoming or exclusive savings opportunities.

From food items to survival kits, anything that someone else needs and wants is considered to be a highly tradable item. Learning where To find inexpensive b arter Items can be a hugely beneficial skill to have in a pre-collapse world.

Therefore having a wide variety of items to trade with, when the world collapses is better that limiting yourself to a few essentials. Preparing for all this, of course works well before the actual event of chaos, as everything is still priced within normal and reasonable retail prices.

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