The Get Home Bag

Not everyone can be prepared mentally or physically to face adversity but there are some steps that can be taken to limit any negative impact suffered.

The idea of a Get Home Bag is catching on quickly an essential part of surviving a disaster.

Basically the Get Home Bag would consist of items that will help to make the journey from your place of work, school or other location back home and to your supplies or bug out bag.

But not everyone is ready to handle a survival situation. Stress and fear rule the moment and leads to panic and deadly mistakes.

Most people live in an urban world where everything is mechanically and methodologically handled. Only a small percentage of people are experienced in the outdoors and are able to handle themselves in circumstances that require a lot of improvisation to survive.

However, survival is not impossible for the average urbanite, with the correct “tools” and mindset you can make sure each member of your family will make it back to home base when SHTF.

In order to understand the importance of a Get Home Bag, perhaps it would be a good idea to first know what this bag should contain.

What is a Get Home Bag?

The Get Home Bag is the smaller companion to your Bug Out Bag (learn more on there here). It consists of essential items that will help you get from wherever it is you are back home where your supplies and family will be waiting for you to either get out of town to hunker down.

Here are some basic elements you should consider adding to your Get Home Bag

  • Walking shoes – these may already be on your feet.
  • Hat – for sun if summer and warmth in winter
  • Jacket – to knock the chill or rain off depending on season
  • Gloves – work type gloves would be better in this scenario
  • Knife – at least a pocket
  • Multi-tool
  • Headlamp/Flashlight – with spare batteries
  • Dust mask or handkerchief
  • Water – amount depends on your situation but you should have enough for 2 days minimum
  • Basic med kit travel med kit
  • Spare ammo (if you are carrying)
  • Meal replacement bar X 4
  • Energy bars X 4
  • Lighter
  • Pen/paper
  • 25 feet of paracord
  • 10 feet of duct tape
  • Local area map and rendezvous point if part of your plan

Got a Plan?

Part of the get home bag should be planning. It isn’t listed because this isn’t something you can pack. Your family will need to know the basics of survival as you know them. They will also need to know the “family survival plan” in detail. If you don’t have one… make one!

Get Home BagI would even suggest getting them a book on survival such as the Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guidebooks (Click Here to learn more…. We even have printed editions available inside)

Ideally your Get Home Bag should look like a normal every day, unassuming and even raggedy looking bag. As you will probably be storing it in a location like your vehicle, in a corner at the entrance of your office or other areas that are easily accessible in an emergency, you don’t want it to draw unwanted attention. A backpack style bag would be ideal because it is easy to carry and leaves your hands and legs free and encumbered. It is also common enough that you will not stick out like a sore thumb in “foreign” situations.

Why Do I Need it?

The point of this bag is to get you and your loved ones safely to your rendezvous point. After all chances are great that you will not be at home or by your bug out bag and family when SHTF. So you better be prepared to drop everything (expect your get home bag) and get home so you and your family can survive together, tomorrow.

How does your Get Home Bag compare to ours? Did we miss anything?

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