The government’s martial law campaign


–     with Skip Tanner

Was “The Next Plague” Created to Pave the Road to Martial Law?

Our government has declared war…on the Ebola virus.

In fact it’s been called “the next plague.”

But how can a virus that’s only infected 6,000 (give or take) people in human history be such an urgently feared threat?

Good question.

Let’s take a look at Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa where the Ebola virus has recently made the majority of its headlines…

The African government has turned their weapons on innocent people who’ve been infected.

What’s that? Victims have become targets?

In a word – yes.

Stay with me and let me explain…

Infected citizens in Sierra Leone and Liberia (for starters – who knows how far it’ll get by the time I’ve finished writing this) have had their “…civil liberties suspended” for 90 days.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in an Associated Press article says…

“In neighboring Sierra Leone, military forces also deployed as part of ‘Operation Octopus’… imed at preventing ‘the unauthorized movement of Ebola-infected persons.’”

Wait what?

“Preventing the unauthorized movement of Ebola-infected persons?”

That sounds a lot like martial law masked with a fun, aquatic, yet strangely James Bond-like moniker…

But what does it have to do with us?

Martial lawHere’s what – we have our own fun, air show-like, yet strangely sinister version of martial law – the Blue Angel Project.

Simply put, the Blue Angel Project gives the U.S. government carte blanche to enact martial law.

And frankly, martial law trumps the Patriot Act – it actually erases your liberties.


The Centers for Disease Control taunts us with its ultimate power. They can legally detain ANYONE who MAY be infected with a contagious disease.

Currently on their hit-list?

“Cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers (Ebola), SARS, and ‘new types of flu that could cause a pandemic.’”

Really…what does this mean?

They’re ready to contain bio-threats *salutes*…

And how do you contain bio-threats?

See Operation Octopus from Africa…*salutes again*

Should an infectious, deadly disease become a problem on our soil, the Army can step in and remove OUR civil liberties…for, say, 90 days to start with the option for indefinitely.

This “project” was put into action, you see, to protect the majority from bio-terrorism.

>>>Here’s how I’m going to protect myself…<<<

Now’s where it gets ugly…

Because, dear reader, should the government want to induce martial law for whatever reason, they have the potential to simply and easily “place” such a threat into motion and then voila – offer up the solution.

Even if the actual biohazard was completely fictitious.

And in the case of Africa’s Operation Octpopus…

People weren’t given enough time to prepare

President of the National Health Workers Association Joseph Tamba, said in a statement to the Associated Press that, “the state of emergency is necessary…but people should have been given advance notice to buy food ahead of the movement restrictions.”

And as usual that brings us to the reason we’re both here…

You need to be prepared.

I’m not here for my health. I don’t tell you these things because my sadistic nature demands that I scare the socks off you…or I enjoy spreading rumors.

These are NOT rumors…I wish they were.

This is our reality and soon it will make the jump out of the news and into your lap.

So tell me – what will you do to prepare for that day?
Leave your comments below…

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