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How To Seriously Protect Your Home For TSHTF

It seems every September, right around the autumnal equinox, some extinction-level event is supposed to occur that wipes out civilization as we know it. Four years ago, Comet Elenin was supposed to strike Earth and wipe out humanity. The Internet is again buzzing as fall approaches with another meteorite story that’s garnered so much attention, NASA was forced to address it.

Whether you believe some awesome act of nature will alter humanity or we’ll destroy ourselves via nuclear war, preparation will ultimately determine your long-term survival if you (and your house) endure the initial chaos. Your home must become your fortress, as desperate times will bring out the worst in both people and government. These three tips will keep you ahead of the game.

Presence App

A high-tech home security system runs upward of $1,200 for the equipment plus monthly fees. The costs are prohibitive, and the system would be useless in a true survival situation anyway, since most are tied to local police who will be out enforcing martial law. A makeshift, effective security system can be made out of devices you likely already have lying around the house.

Download the Presence app for iOS or Android. It turns old smartphones you no longer use into surveillance cameras. You can then use your new iPad Air 2 or other device as the control center to monitor the perimeter of your home. The Presence app acts as both a real-time monitor and motion detector that will send alerts to your control device when it senses anything out of the ordinary. The Presence app is free to download.

Booby Traps

trip-wire-3Delaying, intimidating and demoralizing enemies will keep them away from your home even if its right in front of them. The best deterrents for unsavory people are simple-to-construct booby traps.

Tripwire not only frustrates and slows down the enemy, but alerts you of their presence. Cheap green and/or brown rope can be purchased at any big box store in the camping or hardware section. Clip several fishing bells on the rope before loosely tying each end to tree trunks or artificial, camouflaged stakes in the ground. Make certain to keep a map handy noting where all tripwires are located, so you don’t become a victim yourself.

The key to protecting your home is making all entrances difficult to access. Nail spike pits placed below all ground-level windows will make enemies regret ever trying to breach your castle. Door pits should be covered with thin welcome mats, while sod hides window pits. Make certain the nails are very sharp and at least 4 inches long; enough to penetrate virtually all shoe soles.

Use New Technology

Data compiled by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 40 percent of burglars enter homes through unlocked front and back doors. Points of entry should be as difficult as possible to reach and even more difficult to breach.

The DoorJammer costs under $40 and makes it virtually impossible for someone to open your doors short of blow-torching holes through them. The Streetwise Watchdog is an alarm system that activates via motion sensors. But instead of an annoying and loud beeping noise, it barks like a vicious dog. Install MAXSA solar-powered motion lights around your home’s perimeter to ensure maximum protection.

Home security will be tricky during doomsday scenarios. But the more you prepare now, the better off you’ll be when forced to endure TEOTWAWKI.

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