How Iraq Could “Derail” the US Economy…


– with Skip Tanner

How Iraq Could “Derail” the US Economy…and Send Us Into a Tailspin

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Let me cut right to the quick for you.

We spent over a trillion simoleans to “fix” Iraq’s broken wing.

Despite the removal of Saddam Hussein and the “reunification” of their country – that no citizen wanted, by the way, over half the US population believes that we FAILED to accomplish our goal. Yet we’re vehemently opposed to spending any more money and worse – lives – to go back and try to salvage our efforts – save face, as it were.

But there’s something more sinister at play here…something that could quickly and easily derail our fragile economy and send our great country into an uncontrollable tailspin…resulting in a crash from which we’d be hard-pressed to recover.

Let me explain…

Obama refuses to step in despite Prime Minister’s requests

As Sunni insurgents continue to push forward under the flag of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – in case you’ve been preoccupied lately) toward Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has asked President Obama to help out.

Thus far Obama has refused.

GOOD, right?

Not exactly…

See, if we get involved, immeasurable amounts of blood will spill from both sides – again. And we’ll have to spend another what, 9 hundred and 99 BILLION on another war we cannot win?

Come on…

In any event, Northern Iraq is poised to fall. And that’s bad news for us.

The Sunnis have already acquired 40 kilograms of uranium compounds and now have the ability to manufacture – and use – weapons of mass destruction.

There’s that phrase again…

Now, this debacle has already caused international “oil shock” but the real rub is far and away more devastating than you paying more at the pump.

And as this continues to drive oil prices up, our fragile economic recovery will stall and we may even be driven back into a deep recession. And on top of that…

This makes the US look weak and pathetic

President Obama abandon the Middle Eastern war in 2011.

He trusted the Maliki government to “do the right thing” and get the country back on track. That trust was grossly misplaced.

We handed over tens of billions of dollars to Maliki to help fast-track their success…when ISIS finally forces the country to fail, it will be the greatest foreign policy disaster our country has ever seen.

What’s that going to do for morale?

So let me bring you up to speed…

Our economy is threatened with financial collapse because of the pending oil crisis, ISIS has enough uranium to take over Southern Syria an Northern Iraq, and US morale will be dragging through the mud.

That’s going to make a lot of folks nervous…anxious…and ready to protect themselves against an all-out crumble.

These are the events that separate the men from the boys…the strong from the weak…and the prepared from the dying.

Where do you see yourself when the SHTF?

Are you ready for what’s next or will you be on the side of the weak – looking for handouts or whatever scraps you can find to keep yourself and your family barely alive?

I tell you – it’s all up to you. But if I were you, I’d make damn sure I was ready to face the music when our house of cards finally crumbles.

There are just a few simple things you can start doing right now – whether you’ve been prepping all along (as I suggested) or not.

And I’m here to help.

To find out more, click here.

I’m Skip Tanner and I’m prepared.

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