the Magic Soap EVERY Prepper Needs

Hygiene is a vital part of staying healthy and keeping up a positive morale when disaster and collapse strikes. I don’t think any Prepper Stash is complete without at least one bottle of Dr. Bronners Magic Soap41H9MF7XRQL

This soap is a Castile Soap, which by definition a soap composed of all vegetable products (as opposed to animal products and other chemical components). IT’s NON TOXIC and  even VEGAN. (If that’s your thing)  This compound is composed of a mixture of coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils.  Dr. Bronners Castile Soap is also organic, which is important to many preppers and homesteaders out there, (However not so important to some.)  Due to the coconut oil in Castile Soap, you will experience a much richer foaming lather than any soap you’ve ever used before.

But what I love most about this product is it’s versatility. As preppers, we know redundancy is key and multi-use items help us save money, weight and bulk. That makes Dr. Bronners Magic Soap a real power house soap for the prepared.  The label on the Castile Soap claims 18 uses, but in actuallity there are many many more.

Here is my list of known uses for the Dr. Brooners Castile Soap..

  1. Body Wash
  2. Shampoo
  3. Toothpaste (add 2 drops to your wet toothbrush)
  4. Lice Prevention (specifically the Tea Tree Oil version)
  5. Acne Treatment
  6. Wound Antiseptic Cleanser (Antimicrobial agent)
  7. Laundry Soap
  8. Dish Soap
  9. General Purpose Cleaner
  10. Dog Wash
  11. Denture Cleaner
  12. Control Pests on Plants (add 1 T to 1/2 gallon of water.  Peppermint soap works best)
  13. Fruit and Vegetable Wash
  14. Breath Freshener
  15. Shaving Cream
  16. Deodorant
  17. Eliminate old food odors in kitchens
  18. Excellent coffee pot cleaner
  19. Cloth Diaper Wash

A quick search online will reveal even more uses and ideas for this resources, but you get the idea. For those of you who are fans of all-natural products for your prepping, you can’t pass this up. A large bottle (32oz) is currently available on for $17.92


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