My EDC Multi-Tool

What I Carry In My Pockets Every Single Day

With all the cheap so called EDC multi-tools being sold or given away for free all over the internet I thought it was time I answered one of my favorite questions that you, my loyal readers, have asked me.

Skip, What’s Your Favorite Everyday Carry / EDC Multi-Tool?

 My EDC Multi-Tool

Simply put, I don’t carry one.

Okay okay… I don’t carry just one multi tool.

I choose to carry a few high functioning items rather then one cheap Credit Card Tool or “Pay Only Shipping” multi tool that has everything, but can actually do nothing. You see I just can’t believe that there is a single tool that can truly be a multi tool on that small of a level.

Don’t get me wrong a true multi tools from Gerber or Leatherman are legit… I have one in my hiking gear, hunting gear and car. However, for me they are too large to be considered an everyday carry or EDC multi-tool.

And yes, they do offer smaller multi-tools, but they still don’t cut it for me. Too small to be of any real day to day practice use.

  • I need a knife that really cuts and can be used over and over with comfort.
  • I need a bottle opener I can hand to a friends and don’t have to explain how it works
  • I need a phillips screwdriver… I can’t tell you how often I use it
  • I would like a flat head screwdriver that actually works
  • I need a tool that I can hold without pain or unnecessary cuts

Lets put it this way….I like things that work.

So here is my EDC Multi-Tool Items:

Carabiner – this is a real carabiner that can support weight, nit a simple keychain version. Hold everything well and I can hang things off of it.

Kingston Digital DataTraveler – Not a true necessity, but I like to carry my medical information and any projects that I’m currently working on as a back up. When on the 61XE-2J1+OL._SL1500_road as much as I am I cant always trust there will be WiFi to get what I need off of my loud drivers.

True Utility TU247 KeyTool Multitool Set – For the bottle opener and nail file parts. Yes, I know it’s a “cheap multi tool” but it works great I hardily know it’s there (unless I’m using it or the key it’s on) and its very inexpensive.

Windproof Lighter – Zippo’s are the king of this market. I have a few (Zippo brand and cheap-os) lying around my house, car and tool shed. I have one in my pockets at when I leave my home. I don’t smoke anymore, but I still use it enough to warrant a constant presence in my pocket.

Kershaw 1660CKTST Ken Onion Black Leek Serrated Folding Knife with SpeedSafe My trusted Krenshaw pocketknife is always there for me. I have spoken about this knife on many occasions on why I think every prepper should have one. I just love the Kershaw knifes. 61f4ZEhfMgL._SL1500_I have owned many styles and brands over my many years and this one simple works the best for me. You may have one that is perfect for you. Stick with it..

DCI Travel Tools Keychain Screwdriver Set – I am not sure who got me these as a Christmas stocking stuffer, but wow thank you. At first I hated them for being so “big” but after a few weeks with them on my key chain (and separated from the other tools) I can’t tell you how often I used them. I love that they are long so you can hold them and that they are actually the right size so I can get done what’s needed to be done.

41oAApyaadLKeySmart – this hold my keys and stuff all together in one little easy to handle minimalist knife like pack. Easy to work and I can even find the right key in the dark now without fumbling or using a light.

Minimalist Wallet w/ RFID Blocking Chip – The last thing I have on me is a my minimilst wallet with RFID blocking materials. Not really a “survival” tool in any way, but I like that the RFID keeps my credit card and personal information just a little safer. Currently I have one called the “Quick Wallet”. I love the thing, but they no longer make it. I have also tried the Crabby Wallet (not a big fan) and a few leather ones that just didn’t hold up for me.

If you know a great minimalist wallet with RFID blocking that you use I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

So there you have it… This is what I carry on me every day. It may not be the most compact, practice or cheapest but you know what. It gets everything that I need it to.

What are your thoughts on these items? Have a better way I can cut down on my tools while still keeping them functional? Have one you would like to share?

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