Prepping Foods You Will Eat

While no one wants to think about the possibility of a disaster hitting at home, the simple truth is it can happen. It is therefore important to be prepared before it hits. Prepping foods you will eat and a little advance preparation can aid in making you and your family safe even without access to grocery stores, police, or hospitals.

One of the very first steps that should be taken in preparation for any unforeseen event is to create a food storage system – but what foods should you store? When prepping foods you will eat it is important to consider what you and your family will eat. This may sound silly, but in your food storage, you don’t really want to include things you don’t eat. Just because prep guides recommend rice doesn’t mean that you should buy it. After all, you need to rotate your foods so they don’t expire; if your food storage is filled with foods that you don’t normally eat, it can only cause money wasted and worse, health problems.

Here Are A Few Suggestions To Prepping Foods You Will Eat For Emergencies:

  • Dried beans. Dried beans of all types store extremely well. They are a great source of important nutrients, particularly protein. Best of all, they are easy to cook and can be used in making different delicious meals.
  • Powdered milk. Having a supply of powdered milk is a must if you have kids around. However, make sure to store it properly to avoid quick spoilage.
  • This is a popular staple food, and some people can’t live without it. If you are going to include it in your food storage, make sure to store it properly. Rice can have a shelf life of 4-5 years or even more, and can be used in making various recipes.
  • Like rice, wheat can last for a long period of time. But to be able to use it, you need a grinder. With wheat, you can make various recipes that your family loves, including bread, cakes, cookies, and other baked products.
  • Dried fruits and vegetables. When fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t available, dried goods are a great alternative. They contain significant amount of essential nutrients and can last for several years.
  • Canned fruits and vegetables. These are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. Best of all, they store incredibly well.
  • Canned meats. Just like canned fruits and vegetables, canned meats have long shelf life and contain a fair amount of essential nutrients.
  • prepping foods you will eatAlmost everybody loves pasta, especially children. Pasta is great for making different delicious and filling meals, such as spaghetti and salad.
  • Of course, water is very important; you need at least 1 gallon per person per day – for drinking and hygiene.

Other foods that you might want to consider include sugar, salt, canned soups, spices, and nuts. But keep in mind to adjust your storage depending on your family’s needs and preferences. Surviving in emergency situation isn’t about eating just about anything, but maintaining your normal diet even without access to food outlets.

What Are Your Favorite Foods Stock Up On?

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