Priorities in an emergency situation

In an emergency situation, you’re going to have a lot on your mind. Your whole way of life will be turned upside down and you’ll feel the need to take action. But what action comes first?

When disaster strikes, you have some very basic priorities. But what exactly are they?

Fire/Heat –  Warmth tops the priority list because hypothermia can set in and be deadly in a matter of minutes.

Shelter – More than just uncomfortable, exposure to the elements can kill you in hours or a couple of days.

Water – Without clean drinking water, you have just a few days to live before dehydration will kill you.

Food – You can go without food for about a week or two, but find a source quickly before your supply routes run dry.

Supplies – Once you have met the above priority items, it is time to gather more supplies of the above.

Defense – None of the above items will do you any good if someone can just take them from you. Find weapons to protect you, your loved ones and your supplies.

Communications – Finally, find a way to communicate or signal for help or assistance

Clearly, We have listed these in order of priority.  Make sure you know your priorities in an emergency situation so you can survive no matter what you may face.


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