Protective Gear for Hunting

Heading out into the field without the right protective gear is about as foolish as heading out without a gun or bow. It can be expensive to get equipped with the proper protection for your hunting trip, but no one ever said hunting was cheap. In fact, The National Hunting and Fishing Blog reports that the average hunter spends $1,638 every year on the sport.

Don’t waste your money on the wrong protective gear for hunting. Take a look at some of the best value pieces of critical protective gear to consider buying before your next outing.

Protective Gear For Hunting

Bohning Slip-On Arm Guard

The Bohning Slip-On Arm Guard slides right over your arm that is holding your bow to protect the inside of your arm once the arrow is released. It slips comfortably over your clothes to hold back your bulky sleeves from getting in the way of your shot while also protecting you from injury.

Guide Gear Bone-Dry Waterproof Bayou Zip Snake Boot

If you are in snake country without snake boots, you are putting your life at risk. Don’t count on your eyes and ears to save you — rattlers don’t always rattle before they strike. Instead, invest in solid leg protection like the Guide Gear Bone-Dry Waterproof Bayou Zip Snake Boot with its full grain waterproof leather and reliable snake-proof material. Not only could these save your life, they are comfortable and designed for all-day walking in wet conditions.

If you hunt anywhere that snakes live, don’t take the risk — invest in a good pair of snake boots.

Revant Eyewear

It’s just as important to protect your eyes from the sun as it is to protect your legs from snakebites. That’s where Revant’s Revo eyewear comes in, with impact-resistant replaceable lenses that offer 100 percent UV protection.

Don’t settle for cheap eyewear — you want something that will cut down on glare while also protecting your eyes from debris that might kick up while you are in the field. Once you found eyewear you like, pack a few replacement lenses for longer trips to guarantee you won’t be stuck with a damaged lens when the time comes to line up that perfect shot.

STORMR Fusion Bib

Some people love hunting even in the worst of weather conditions. Duck hunters are among the most likely to encounter weather that makes for a less than enthusiastic ride home. Duck hunters must face the cold, rain, sleet, snow and wind to bag their prey, so having the right gear is essential.

A good hunting bib can make all the difference. The STORMR Fusion Bib is windproof and waterproof while remaining light and breathable. Built with neoprene panels to ensure freedom of movement and 100 percent seam-sealed construction, the STORMR Fusion bib boasts cutting edge Variable-stretch Advanced Performance Raingear technology that makes it one of the best bibs on the market. Splash-proof with Velcro closure pockets, this piece of protective gear for hunting is a must have for those who are willing to brave the worst of hunting conditions.

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