REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit – Review

This past weekend was beautiful…

It was the warm sunny and I had a large list of chores to take care of outside.

So, it was the perfect time to put my newest prepper mulit-tool to work.

The tests: 1. Dig trench to drain flooded area 2. clean up muddy driveway

REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit – Review


The REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit ($349) is a modular garden tool set (shown above) that provides a total of 32 different tool variations.

It was easy to switch to the proper tool in only a matter of seconds and was easily customizable for not only the job in question, but also the user.

The REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit was easy to use and made the job much easier. I am looking forward to getting rid of some of my old, beaten and rusty tools that I have been using for years. This is a great tool for the garden shed and for your prepper stockpile.

Details about the REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit

Weighing in at just 29 pounds and fitting into a suitcase-sized carrying case, the REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit is highly portable and easy to store so you’ll always have these essential tools (spade, flathead shovel, metal rake, push broom) right at hand. Mix and match for long and short handles, d- and straight handles.

At the heart of this system is a sleekly designed, one-of-a-kind connector system that quickly self-aligns with every tool change and is durable enough to withstand up to 1,000 pounds of pressure. It’s the easiest to use and longest-lasting yard tool system in the world.

Notable features include:

  • Interchangeable Tool Heads: Access to the four most commonly-used, essential gardening tools (Spade Shovel, Flathead Shovel, Metal Garden Rake, and Heavy Duty Push Broom)

  • Shock-Resistant, Hickory Wood Handle Options: Mix & match handle lengths and long handle extender depending on the task (Short Straight Grip, Long Straight Grip, Short D-Grip, and Long D-Grip)

  • Water-Resistant, Custom Storage Case: Lightweight, compact and durable, this case neatly stores each kit piece in its designated spot, with pull-tabs to lock them in place

It’s a great survival multi-purpose tool that should be in your stockpile.

Get your REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit ($349) Now!

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