Self Sufficient: Growing Your Own Food

Food In A World Of Corn

Becoming self sufficient is the key, right?

I mean, if you’re going to become an expert prepper then you had better know how to secure your next meal other than by stealing it from a burning supermarket. Buying or trading for food doesn’t work for very long either because it relies on the sustainability of product provided by another source that may change or run dry.

Ever wonder what it could be like to starve to death? It’s probably not what you’re thinking of. Look at the people around you in your daily life and take particular note of what it is that they eat. Sure, some of them do a nice big salad for lunch. Some bring meals from home and attempt the healthier options. But the vast majority of people are simply starving themselves to death without even knowing it… all because of corn.

Fat and Starving

Have you noticed that corn is in almost everything you consume? From sweeteners to flavoring agents to actual bulk ingredients, we live in a food-science driven world of over indulgence in a product that our bodies have almost no use for at all. So why do we use it for everything? Considering how the government subsidizes each and every mouthful—it’s the cheapest thing you can grow, use and stick in your mouth. Why does this mean we are starving to death on it? Aren’t the great majority of us way fatter than we should be?

Yes, and it’s because of corn. The easy to grow, easy to use, cheap to buy starch that the human body has no use for and no clue what to do with. So what do our bodies do with it if we can use it for essential building block of our day to day nutrition? Why, it stores it as fat and dumps the rest. Ahhh, the corn fed fattening of America. And unless vitamins and other essential nutrients are added to the corn-base product—it has no nutritional value at all. Fat and starving.

And what, pray tell, does this have to do with becoming self sufficient in food production as a prepper? Am I about to tell you to start your own farming complex and grow everything for yourself—including livestock?

Raising Livestock

Well…why not?

While you point your finger at me accusingly, ready to ask when was the last time I milked my cow and slopped my pigs, I will save you the trouble and tell you that no—I do not own or maintain livestock of any kind (unless you count my overweight dog).

But, I do pride myself on a garden that can give a local grocery a run for it’s money in produce. As for my meat consumption—working on that. Currently working out deals with local farmers (very local) who possess a similar mindset to not only buy their grass-fed beef and organically raised, no corn or soy fed meats, but to make them part of my plan if the SHTF.

Without boring you with the gory details, we are working out some simple agreements that state if things go down badly, we share our combined resources, shelters, know-how and opportunities so that we all stay fed.

Yes, it’s more expensive than going to the supermarket to buy meat.

Factory Farms Are Killing You

Yes, I’m happy to not participate in or support factory farming. Factory farming is the antithesis of the prepared lifestyle. It represents 100% reliance on big business, big government, and an industry telling us what we want to eat regardless if it’s good for us or not.

No, I am not an animal rights activist, but I do love animals and am a strong supporter of hunting for the very same reasons. A true prepper can be all of this and keeps their options open.


At the end of the day, I really don’t care what it is that you eat or the means at which you acquire your food. Sustainable protein can come from many sources. It’s the acquisition and renewability of those sources that can help keep you and your family fed nutritiously and not slowly get fat and starve to death at the same time…on corn.

Factory Farmers Fear This Man (Click Here to learn more…)

What do you think? What foods to your grow to become self sufficient?

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