Teaching the Prepper Mindset to Children

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 4.19.12 PMJust the other day my spunky little 2nd grade step-daughter burst through the door excited to tear into the “cool” new books she had just  bought that day at the school book fair. Now at 9 years old, our little one is drawn to just about ANYTHING that has to do with sharks – so when I saw the cover bright orange cover of “The Worst-Case Scenario: Survive-o-pedia” (pictured to the right) I thought it was just like one of the other numerous shark books she collected along the way. Boy was I wrong. Little did she know, but our sweet little tomboy had actually purchased her first ever book on Survival and Prepping! (Proud parental figure alert!)

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 4.19.58 PMAfter reading the table of contents and a sample of the section on fighting alligators, I could tell this was a really great way to increase my child’s thinking towards preparedness, survival and safety. The book goes on with some situations which may seem outlandish like Surviving the Bermuda Triangle, but intermixed in these scenarios was actually some good info. Even the section on surviving in Antarctica  (see image to the left) has some great tips on avoiding hypothermia. As she read on, I was able to interject and add to the tips as she read aloud. The whole family was sitting around talking about preparedness and survival: and we were having fun doing it.

I have to say, this book was well worth the $15 she spent on it (partially funded by mom and I) and I HIGHLY suggest you get a copy for your little ones (ages 7 – 13). It’s currently available on Amazon for $12.40 by clicking here or you should be able to find it at you local Barnes and Noble as well.

(Full Disclosure –  ExpertPrepper.com receives a 4% commission on your purchase of this book when you use any of the links above. These funds will be used to help provide more quality information for our readers. If you wish to forgo that and purchase directly, you can do so here > http://amzn.com/081187690X)

So what do you think? Are there other books that you use to talk to your kids about prepping and survival? Do you have family activities or traditions that help your family prepare? Leave a comment below and join the conversation! Happy Prepping! –  Skip Tanner – the Expert Prepper

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