The Ultimate Bugout Vehicle at the NRA Convention?

So I was out at the NRA’s National Convention in St. Louis Missouri when I came across this beautiful custom Unimog created for the Magpul company. (Check out the pic above)

At first glance you might say “Wow, that would be the perfect bugout vehicle for when the Sh*t hits the fan!” And at first, I wanted to agree. Those big tires, plenty of room for cargo and people, a big winch and a powerful, loud motor. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one myself. But let’s set the “cool factor” aside and look at it from a realistic point of view for a SHTF/WROL situation.

1) What’s the availability for parts if it needs repair? — Walk into AutoZone and see what they say when you ask for a muffler for a Unimog… Or take the time to look through your local junk yard or even craigslist for parts. If you’re in america- I would bet heavily against your success. Strike one.

2) How easily will it blend in with its surrounding amid the chaos? — Do you think you and your passengers would be more or less likely to be a target of attack riding around in that vehicle? Does it attract unwanted attention and make you seem like you have valuable resources worth stealing? Strike two.

3) How much fuel does it burn? — With tires that size you’re either going to burn a ton of fuel or top out at 40 mph – and from the sound of that motor I heard… I hope you have a LOT of jerry cans to make your trip. Strike three – Unimog is out.


Now I know the possibility of owning this or a vehicle like it is slim, but it helps us ask the right questions for if or when we do decided to select a B.O.V for our situation. We need to ask ourselves the hard questions.

How reliable and durable is the make and model?

What is the initial cost? (Can I afford it?)

Where will I get repair parts?

How much fuel will I need?

What KIND of fuel will it use?

How maneuverable is the vehicle?

Does it have enough room for my supplies?

Does it have enough room for all the people I want to bugout with?

Can it handle multiple terrains?

Will my vehicle draw unwanted attention?

Take time to talk to your family, spouse or retreat group about these possibilities and select a vehicle that best fits your scenario. And Remember, the coolest ride may be to worst for SHTF.


So I want to hear from you all – what do YOU think is the best Bugout Vehicle available today? Leave your comment below.

Happy Prepping



P.S. even though it’s not a great BOV – its still a cool rig… So if you want to see it in action, check out this video >>>



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Expert Prepper

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