Top items for your bug-out bag… BOOKS?


When many preppers think of an emergency, they generally think of one thing – a bag that contain enough supplies (food, clothes, emergency supplies and water) to last you 3 days. Better known as a Bugout bag, this could be one of the most crucial piece of equipment in your house. The average person probably doesn’t have one of these bags and if they do, they don’t update or regularly maintain their bag at all. However, in times of distress, the items in your Bugout bag, could save your life.

What Constitutes a Bug-Out Bag?

Certainly, there are many items you may require in an emergency, the most prominent being the water (the heaviest item in the bag as well). There are other essential items such as emergency lights, batteries, clothes, radios, food, tools, etc. But what use is this when you can’t find your way? If that’s the case, a map book may turn out to be the best thing in the bag!

In the event of a disaster, your tablet, laptop or smart phone might not work after a matter of days once all battery life has been depleted. Modern day wars mean that a single EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) wave can render all your electronic devices completely useless. So keep that possibility in mind while planning and packing your bug-out bag. Though you may have never consider it before – Books can serve a great purpose once you are off the grid. Knowledge is power, but if your brain isn’t loaded with all the skills, information and know-how that you need, there are many types of books that will come in real handy in a disaster.

Map books and Trekking Information

In event of a disaster, natural or man-made, people are left to fend for themselves without any help from modern day marvels. Satellite navigation and smart phones might not work properly. In such as a case, you need to keep an updated map in your bag. This should clearly show the various rivers, mountains, roads, shelter camps, and major buildings of your area. The navigation and markings on the ma must be regularly updated. This can help you navigate and then meet other survivors. You do not have to rely on trial and error and perhaps save other lives as well.

Medical and First Aid Books

Injuries and accidents are part of disasters. Medical books containing remedial measures in layman’s language can be of a great help. Simple books that teach how to provide first aid, treat broken bones, prevent sprain are easily available online. Also, these books provide you a basic understanding of the human anatomy to cure illnesses during survival period. To compliment your medical book, a well-maintained first aid kit is also crucial.

Survival books

When it comes to survival, every tip counts. Countless books guiding people on survival are available on the market. Just know your requirements and choose wisely. While buying survival books, give consideration to your geography, potential disasters and disaster budget. For e.g. if you live in a desert region, there is no point buying a hurricane survival book. Also, survival books contain valuable information regarding food and health. It must contain recipes to be prepared from packed food and also probable sources of foods in a jungle. Make sure you read online reviews before purchasing.

Your bug out bag survival book must be chosen carefully. If you are not an ex-marine or a serious survivalist you would want to grab one that details everything. It should contain all the information regarding how to find water and how to use conventional magnetic compass.

Your bug out bag should contain survival equipment that reflects the lifestyle of caveman. All you need initially is food, water and shelter. Once you achieve these, you can then return to pursue higher civilized needs. A comprehensive bug out bag should sail you through a disaster as it is meant to be.

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