Valley Food Storage Review

I am always looking for long-term storage foods that are tasty, is able to conform to my families needs. So, when I was contacted by Valley Food Storage to try out some of their long-term foods I was excited because they have been on my radar for some time.

The first thing I noticed about Valley Food Storage was their wide variety of food options, but this is pretty common in the long-term food storage area. Where they separate themselves is how they prepare their food. Their foods contain no fillers or additives, do not contain MSG, are NON – GMO and have many tasty Gluten Free options available.

The also have 72 hour bug out bags available at a reasonable price. You can read more about the basic bug out bag here: Importance of a Bug Out Bag. Their bags contain most of the critical elements you need for a proper bug out bag. The only thing they really don’t have is proper shelter clothing and weapons, but you should be able to get those into your bug out bag pretty inexpensively.

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The second thing I noticed was the way they store their food. They store their food the right way… individually wrapped and in buckets that will keep the food away from the elements. This is crucial to long term food storage because if your packaging fails your food will spoil long before its shelf date. You can read more about the importance of food storage here.

Lastly, the food is superior to my standard Mountain House I usually have packed away. I tried the Mango Habanero Chili and the Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup. Following the instructions provided (I did cook the chili a few extra minutes because it seemed a little watery to me).

Mango-habanero-chili-1-300x200Now for theTaste Test: I took a spoonful and another one just to make sure.  In spite of my uncertainty and history with our Chilies in this market, the Mango Habanero Chili was actually pretty tasty.  The chili is vegetarian –  there is no meat listed in the ingredients at all.  I admit I like having meat in chili, and the instructions did say you can add meat if you like. But the mango and habanero worked very well together.

All in all I would highly recommended Valley Food Storage for your long-term food storage and hiking meal planning.

What is your favorite long-term food storage solution? Leave your comments below…

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