Vinegar: The Prepping Utility Player


In an emergency situation many of our cleaning, hygiene, and cooking items may be unavailable or extremely limited. That’s why is very important to find multi-use items (Prepping Utility Players) like one of my personal favorites – Vinegar.

What is vinegar? Here’s the basic version. Grape juice, left undisturbed, turns into wine; wine left undisturbed, eventually turns into vinegar. For thousands of years people have reaped the benefits of vinegar. Here are 20 ways you can too…

Most importantly, with vinegar you will Save Money! Forget the expensive products in the stores. Vinegar is a multipurpose, effective, non-toxic, friendly and cheap alternative.

In the home

  1. Mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle to
  2. Vinegar is a non-toxic household cleaner. It can be used to disinfect counter tops, highchairs, diaper pails, clean floors, fixtures, windows, and many other household items.
  3. Loosen chewing gum from carpet or upholstery with vinegar.
  4. Vinegar is a fabric softener. Add about a cup per load.
  5. Vinegar also helps to removes stains. Add some vinegar and baking soda to your wash, along with your detergent.

Outdoor Uses

  1. Spray vinegar around the sand box to help prevent cats from using it as a litter box.
  2. Pour full-strength vinegar on some weeds and watch them die.
  3. Spray vinegar around your home to prevent ants.
  4. Spray slugs with a solution of half vinegar half water to keep them out of your garden.
  5. Berry stained hands? Wash with vinegar.
  6. During cold winter months coat your windshield with vinegar the night before. This will help prevent frost.
  7. Bumper stickers can be removed by spraying the sticker with full strength vinegar, until it is fully saturated. Keep spraying and it should come off in an hour or so.
  8. Clean windows with a spray of vinegar. Newspaper is a great cloth substitute to use.

Hygiene and Health

  1. Vinegar is a natural antifungal. Simply soak a small cloth in vinegar, either apple cider or white wine, and apply to the skin infection.
  2. Vinegar can help quell the inflammation and bring relief to rashes, allergies or chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis. Add approximately one cup of white or red wine vinegar to a bath and soaking in it for 30 minutes. Since it heavily dilutes in the bath, you may do this several times without causing discoloration or further irritation.
  3. Diluted vinegar is a wonderful toner.
  4. For nail fungus soak your hands or feet in white vinegar once a day to help reduce the growth of fungus on your fingernails or toenails. Soak your hands or feet for 20 minutes once a day until the fungus disappears. If soaking in vinegar irritates your skin, soak for a shorter amount of time or less frequently or dilute the solution with more water.
  5. Dab some vinegar on bug bites to help soothe the itch. Some people even use vinegar on cuts and scrapes or as a mouthwash, due to the antiseptic properties in vinegar.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a great for your hair. It restores the natural PH balance that current hair products destroy and removes buildup you didn’t even know was there. You may have a couple weeks of adjustment but once it’s over your hair will be softer, silkier and simply amazing.  Rinse hair at the end of your shower with apple cider vinegar. Use enough to cover your hair, if you use too much, your hair will smell (some have said they smell like a salad). The smell goes away, and if smelling like a salad is the worst thing with this the benefits far outweigh the negative.
  7. Love cooking with garlic and onions but hate the smell? Just pour some white vinegar over your hands and rub them together well. Rinse. Then wash normally, the smell should be gone!

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